Sunday, May 13, 2012

Love on Mother's Day, Fun times in Chicago, & Everything in Between

I recently visited Chicago for the Northwestern Residency Showcase and spent quality time with my boyfriend, Chad who lives in the city. It was a wonderful weekend, minus the airport delays. I did some Chicago site-seeing on the architectural boat tour on the Chicago River and was able to take a tour and met some great people at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine. I included some pictures below of my time in Chicago.

On another note... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Check out the "Thoughts" section as I included a short entry about my Mom who I miss and love so much.

I also posted an entry in the "Medicine" section, as I started my last rotation of 3rd year last Monday, Internal Medicine.

Lastly, check out the "Wellness" section for a Part I entry on Natural Hair. While in Chicago at the Residency Showcase, a group of us were having a conversation over lunch about going natural hair and its benefits compared to relaxed hair.

Happy Sunday!

labor and delivery room in the Prentice Women's Hospital
Who wouldn't want to deliver a baby here!

The view from the labor and delivery room...beautiful

Trump Towers from the Chicago River...
the penthouse is going for 35 million...any takers?

City of Chicago from the river on the boat tour...I definitely
learned a lot about the city

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